The League of Extraordinary Scientists and Engineers (LXS) engages Pre-K through 5th grade students through hands-on curriculums, promoting the language of “science-ing” and the concepts of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

The League’s goals are:

      • To introduce the language of “science-ing” at the young age, to lay the foundation of a science-literate society;
      • To increase participants’ knowledge of STEM fields of study;
      • To increase Pre-K to 5th grade students’ opportunities to participate in STEM activities;
      • To assist Pre-K to 5th grade educators to speak the language of “science-ing” by providing weekly introductions to STEM concepts through age-appropriate curriculums, hands-on classroom kits, and access to STEM professionals in the community.

The League of Extraordinary Scientists and Engineers Program is made possible with the support from volunteers, donations and grants.


“Science has become a tool to teach rather than just a subject. One of the very basic steps in science is to form a hypothesis.  “What is your best guess, what do you THINK?” It is clear to me that when we teach kids to THINK, that is when the magic happens. When they know how to THINK rather than just memorize facts … that is when they learn to be innovative and invent, create and build! That is what we all want as parents … to give them tools to build their future …” Jeane Wong

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