Board Of Directors

Jeane Wong

Jeane Wong | LXS CEO / FounderJeane Wong is owner and operator of Lyrics Daycare (a large licensed daycare with a science center). She created this while looking for a daycare for her son Lyric that would take advantage of “the most absorbent years” as well as create a community of families. With the echoing philosophy throughout her life ” find a need and fill a need” Jeanes’ hand-on lessons and animalia have toured several surrounding pre-schools and k-8 schools and 6-6 programs.
A community of super heroes naturally formed with like minded families searching for daycare and finding “Lyrics”. Jeane noticed families that dedicated their careers to not just changing the here and now but intent on being part of making a better tomorrow for their kids and naturally the world. She gathered this group together and became in her words “the limo driver for brilliant minds. You cannot have this group of people in one room and not think EXTRAORDINARY” . The League of Extraordinary Scientists and Engineers (LXS) was born by inviting them to a “BEERS and BRAINS” meeting in South Park.

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How her passion for entomology was born :
” I guess I always liked bugs. I am humbled by the abilities of metamorphosis, and their daily architectural and communal achievements. I have found that my most absorbent and impactful learning and teaching is when doing science-ing (observing, learning, hypothesizing, experimenting, and living). The truth is, my passion for bugs was cemented when I was bit on my tush by a brown recluse spider while working with United States Forest Service fighting a fire. Right, so being the only female on the crew, I hiked down pasted the fire line and squatted over a log. ”
Jeane has an unrelenting passion to expand hands-on science to K-5 classrooms. ” I want to drive the LXS limo and all of its resources right into the classrooms and become the aides that grade school educators need to make science-ing a natural way of learning and understanding the world”.

Kelley Simon

LXS Chief Financial Officer
Kelley Simon | CFO

Kelley Simon has been the brawn behind the brains at LXS. She is an intricate part of the founding team. Kelley enjoys serving non-profit organizations both professionally and personally.

Kelley is a Certified Public Accountant, specializing in business filings, research and consultations for tax-exempt organizations.  She earned both her B.S. and M.S. in Accounting from the University of Cincinnati.  She relocated to San Diego ten years ago from the Midwest and enjoys the outdoors.

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” Kelley would be a perfect partner to X-Men’s STORM.   She has been the calm that clears the skies of all of the red tape that allows for amazing things to happen.” Jeane Wong

Rachel Amato

LXS Secretary
Rachel Amato | Board MemberRachel has worked with youth for the last 20 years as a social worker, educator, and empower-er.  She has bachelor and master degrees from the University of Texas at Austin in social work and nonprofit management.  She worked in a many capacities within well-known organization in Texas such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Adoption Coalition of Texas, and SafePlace.  Upon relocating to San Diego, Rachel continued social work with Urban Corps and San Diego Workforce Partnership. In fall 2005, Rachel changed her focus to strictly the education setting, then earned a masters degree and credential in special education.  Currently, Rachel works at High Tech High teaching teens with special needs self-advocacy to meet their unique goals now and in life.

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” Incredibly organized, and efficient will probably be your first read when you meet Rachel. But give yourself a moment to see the PRISM that Rachel is.  Rachel wears her cape every day. She has no secret identity. Everyone that knows Rachel, simply knows her as heroic in every sense of the word. As a unique educator for the very unique student (in which she would say, and I agree, WE ALL ARE),Rachel reaches far past the written lessons. She has visibly discarded every shaped box given to her along the way. This is to allow every student the ability to freely design their own packaging. For LXS, Rachel’s unique teaching style guides us on how best to be of aide and allow classrooms to explore beyond the lessons.   I cannot end this without mentioning that Rachel is the strongest PRISM to her family. Watching them all shine through could rival the miraculous site of the northern lights.” Jeane Wong

Morgan Keefe

Spanish Science Educator
Morgan Keefe | Board MemberMorgan has worked with students for 6 years and has experience teaching with programs like the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. She is also heavily involved in the health sciences, working in a medical and public health research capacity and volunteering for HELPS International’s humanitarian medical missions to Guatemala. With LXS, Morgan is an In­Class Educator and is developing the Spanish Science­ing Program. She is very passionate about teaching hands­on science and expanding the LXS community of scientists and engineers who have a positive impact on the lives and curiosities of students.

Morgan is a graduate student completing her M.P.H. in Biostatistics and Epidemiology. She earned her B.A. from Harvard University in Evolutionary Biology with minors in Global Health and Health Policy and Spanish Language. Morgan also is an Office Administrator for an Ophthalmology private practice and is an academic tutor and college application/admissions counselor. Previously she has worked in health care consulting and health care technology, and managed a local branch of a test prep start up company.

In her spare time, she loves to row and play at the beach with her energetic labrador retrievers.

Sunny Fugate

Data Team
Sunny Fugate | Board MemberSunny James Fugate is a Ph.D. engineer, scientist, and innovator with over a decade of experience working on crazy-awesome science and technology for the Department of Defense and the US Navy at SPAWAR Systems Center. As a professional, Sunny’s pursuits have led to numerous research and development efforts on everything from navigation systems for the visually impaired, computer security visualization systems, linguistics and visual and iconic communication, gesture-based communication, novel human-machine interfaces such as the Navy’s “eGlove”, and numerous next-generation computer security technologies such as those being developed on his “SCHSIM” software diversity and moving target defense program. Sunny’s passion for science and tech innovation was first fostered by his father early in grade-school. Sunny is father to two young boys, and following in his father’s footsteps, together they spend their free time exploring the art of the possible with Lego, 3D-printing, robotizing, building, examining, exploring, crafting, and play. More than anything, Sunny is passionate about children having free access to the tools and allowed the freedoms needed to be innovators and is head-over-heals to be an integral part of LXS.

Christopher Perlman

Data Team
Chris Perlman | Board MemberChris Perlman is a father of 2 boys, Milo and Eli and happily married to his wife, Jaime of 17 years. When they are not keeping him occupied, he is busy at work developing new software or supporting existing systems. Currently, Chris enjoys work at Callaway Golf Company in Carlsbad, California and is responsible for a variety of critical software systems that helps Callaway in it’s day to day operations and sales. Chris has been lucky enough to architect several of the systems from start to finish and takes great pride in that these systems are used accross the globe and have had great success and longevity (some are still in use after 15 plus years).

Chris has lived in a variety of places, but considers San Diego home. He has lived in San Diego for the last 20 years and went to school at SDSU where he obtained his degree in Business Administration emphasizing in Information Technology. Aside from work and fatherhood, Chris is pasionate about beer and considers San Diego one of the worldwide leaders in the craft of brewing. Given the many calories that come with consumption, Chris makes sure to sign up for a few running events each year like the Camp Pendleton Mud Run, Tough Mudder, Ragner Relay, or one of several “fun” running events that happen around the County.

Chris happened upon Lyric’s Day Care while taking his oldest son for a walk. After getting aquainted with Jeane and Tin-Lock, the Perlman family knew that this was the place where their kids needed to be. Chris and wife Jaime now have one graduate and one current attendee at the best day care in San Diego and could not be more pleased with the care that their children receive. Jeane’s incredible passion for inspiring other kids is palpable and her energy does not ever seem to subside. Chris is honored to help Jeanne with getting LXS going and achieving her goal of a better education for children.

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