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Top 10 Easy Ways to Get LXS to the Front of K-5 Classrooms 2015/2016 School Year:

  1. 22,000 Journals: 916 Cases Needed Dollar Tree Case of 24 for $24 Assorted Color
  2. 2,000 Educator Flyers: Fedex Office or Staples
  3. 20,000 LXS Science Stickers: cawiji studios.
  4. 30,000 Parent Flyer: (English & Spanish)
    Staples or Fedex Office
  5. Garden Supply Gift Cards: Build Discovery gardens in schools $625 per School
    Arm Strong Garden  or City Farmers Nursery or Walter Anderson or Home Depot
  6. Gas Cards: For in school tour travels. $4560 per year (average $380 per month)
    COSTCO or Chevron (any gas card is appreciated, we just posted these for your convenience)
  7. Hands on Animal up keep: $4800 per year (average $400 per month)
    Gift cards to: Mulberry Farms  or COSTCO or PET KINGDOM  or lllreptile
  8. In-Classroom Education: 720 classrooms $75 per classroom, $3.12 per student
    Gift as many classrooms for the 2016/2016 school year that you feel comfortable with. LXS is free to all schools.
  9. In-Library Education: 16 SD Library Events $125 per 40-60 attendees
    Gift as many Library Events for the 2015/2016 school year that you feel comfortable with. LXS is free to all schools.
  10. General: We all have monthly bills. LXS is no exception to this rule.
  11. Being a logical minded group, we thought it would be refreshing to state our costs up front.  If you donate to LXS, you know exactly what your donation is for.

Send Journals, Gift Cards, Checks or other to:

LXS 3245 University Ave. Ste. 1, #489 San Diego, Ca. 92104

Make Checks Payable to: The League of Extraordinary Scientists & Engineers or LXS

Credit Card Payments: PayPal & Enter email address edlinksci@gmail.com

Visit our website: www.science-ing.org

Like us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/LeagueXS

FEIN # – 46-4028310;

California State Tax-Exempt Status CCN # 3621818;

Federal IRC Section 501(c)(3) tax exempt status granted as a public charity under IRC Section 170(b)(i)(a)(vi).

A copy of the IRS determination letter is available upon request.