2015-2016 Tour Schedule

The local science and engineering community has come together to create unique, hands-on, engaging STEM tours that go right into K-5th grade classrooms. With our forever-growing Advisory Board, LXS keeps up-to-date with the latest scientific information and exciting discoveries.

Most K-5th grade educators are not STEM professionals. Passionate teachers are constantly seeking tools and resources to help give their students the best possible education available. After every class, LXS gives the in-class educator a tool for evaluation and feedback and we strive to work with teachers in order to be of the most valuable use of classroom time. The gathered data from evaluations has clearly shown an overwhelming TEACHER APPROVAL of 4.8 out of 5. 

Our scientists, engineers, graduate students and STEM/STEaM-loving parents and other volunteers teach their passion right next to the in-class educators. Every tour is designed to ENCOURAGE all KIDS to EXPLORE, DISCOVER, SHARE and THINK like a scientist.

ROBOTIC MINDS TOUR  – March 10 to April 7

Explore the science of artificial minds and modular robotics with Dr Sunny Fugate.  Design your first robot using intelligent blocks, teach a robot how to move, and explore the art and engineering of biomimetic Lego robotics!  All ages K-5!

WAVES and WATERSHEDS  – Oct 29 2015 to Jan 14 2016

Did you know that when we take three deep breaths, the oxygen for two of those breaths comes from plants that live in the ocean?  How do plants work?  Why aren’t all plants green?  What is a holdfast? In this tour students are introduced to marine plants and encouraged to think critically about what makes a plant a plan.

LIFE CYCLES TOUR  – April 14 to May 26 2016

Metamorphosis, Viviparous, Oviparous, seeds, tadpoles, butterflies, beetles and more. Everything living has a life cycle. Over 5,000 student contacts on this tour.

INSIDE OUT TOUR  –  January 11 to March 23 2016

Did you know that flies taste with their feet? What is the strongest KNOWN animal on the planet per its body weight?  Where do we classify a vinegaroon?  The BUG TOUR!  

All tours are free to San Diego public school classrooms. Each tour brings a field expert right to the front of your classroom. Each classroom tour is approximately 30 minutes. We will only do 1 class at a time (maximum 34 students). Your school can sign up for 6 tours on the same day and have that tour set up in your schools library for others to visit at lunch time. LXS appreciates the attending teacher (not substitute) to be present for the tour. Once you have been approved, LXS will send a packet of what to expect.