Ways to support LXS

The League of Extraordinary Scientists & Engineers brings the scientific method as a way to instill critical thinking directly into the classrooms for K-5 in San Diego County and surrounding communities. We are growing our reach annually through communities of STEM professionals, local collaborating non-profits and educators all focused on supporting the advancement of critical thinking for all subjects.

With the generous support from local businesses and non-profit organizations, along with individual donors, LXS is committed for a long term expanding addition in K-5 classrooms:

  • Development Days

    With the understood need for support of our K-5 educators , LXS will continue working on several Professional Development Days that are free to educators in San Diego County.

What you can do

The League of Extraordinary Scientists and Engineers is a 501c3 non-profit organization. In order to ensure equal access to all public educational institutions- LXS in-class tours are FREE to all schools and libraries. It is made possible and will grow its reach through Volunteers, Donations, In-kind Donations, Collaborations, grants, and Events. LXS would like to you/your organization to be a known contributor of The League of Extraordinary Scientist & Engineers. In addition to your name / logo and link to your website on our donor/ collaborator page, we would like to send you a signed Certificate of Appreciation for your annual donation of $500 and above.

With California being a leader in implementing Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, LXS is committed to being a local source to providing the tools that K-5 students and educators need to meet expectations.

The LXS Advisory Board will ensure our commitment to constantly evolve our resources, tours and library along with the rapid pace of advances and new information in Science and Technology.

In a collaborative effort with other local agencies, non-profits, local professional, and you, LXS will impact San Diego Counties K-5 classrooms engaged in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities.

We seek your help in growing our financial ability to expand all of these resources and to grow our lending library and volunteer resources so that LXS can serve even more students and teachers.

As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization, contributions to LXS in cash or in kind are tax-deductible.


Top 10 Ways to Get LXS in front of school

Shopping online

iGive will donate a % directly to LXS for tons of online stores.


If you would like to volunteer or contribute items: Email us at edlinksci@gmail.com.

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